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Karl-Anthony Towns, Robin Lopez And The NBA World Celebrate Halloween With Epic Costumes

Karl-Anthony Towns, Robin Lopez And The NBA World Celebrate Halloween With Epic Costumes

Halloween 2021 is here, and the NBA didn't waste time celebrating. Every year, the NBA community pulls off incredible costumes to shock fans, some achieving their goal and others missing it big time. 

In the past couple of days, we learned about the Sacramento Kings Halloween party that saw Buddy Hield posting some curious pictures and De'Aaron Fox self-proclaiming the best costume of the night. Things will reach the next level this week, as the celebration is finally here this weekend, and more players will show their attire. 

We already started with this, as certain players and members of the NBA world celebrated on Friday. Two players went off with their costumes, raising the bar for the rest of the 'competition.' 

For starters, Minnesota Timberwolves' Karl-Anthony Towns and his girlfriend Jordyn Woods dressed as the Big Bad Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood, respectively. Woods shared the pics on Instagram, earning a lot of praise. 

"Stumbled out of the towns and into the woods 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫," she captioned the pics with. 

Moreover, Orlando Magic's Robin Lopez and his wife killed it. They decided to go as Batman and The Penguin, nailing this costume and winning the love of fans. Even Channing Frye and Kevin Durant reacted to their outfits, confirming it was excellent. 

kd lopez

Anthony Edwards even performed at the Timberwolves' Halloween party, being recorded showing his artistic skills. 

Further, other players joined the celebration but indirectly. Devin Booker enjoyed Kendall Jenner's “Corpse Bride” pics, joking with the supermodel on Instagram. 


Klay Thompson had a similar reaction to girlfriend Paige Carmen's Halloween wardrobe, approving her selection with a like on her Instagram post saying 'gettin real spooky ‘round here.'

klay (1)

One of the NBA fans' favorite analysts, Joy Taylor, went off and enchanted the public during since Thursday, demonstrating her love for Halloween with different costumes. 

The weekend is here and we won't stop seeing players pulling off big costumes. Saturday night looks like the perfect moment to show what they got and beat the rest of the league in this unofficial competition. Once the parties are over, fans will have the chance to decide who won and who disappointed. Stay tuned, NBA world.