Drake Spotted On A Date With Bronny's Teammate's Mom At Dodger Stadium

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Drake was spotted having a very fancy and expensive dinner with a beautiful woman earlier this week. The rapper went on a date with Johanna Leia, the mom of one of Bronny James' teammates.

A helicopter camera caught the artist while chatting with Ms. Leia; he noticed the device and looked directly at it, followed by the woman. 

According to TMZ, the 34-year-old made a "substantial to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation," which cleared the path for him to take the lady on a date. 

So, how did this started? Drake has been making moves in recent times, hanging out with NBA stars and high school players. The Canadian rapper attended a basketball game with LeBron James, watching Bronny's return to the court after a serious injury. 

He found more than he was looking for at that game, as the global icon placed his attention on one of the players he watched. Drizzy shared a touching moment with Bronny's teammate, Amari Bailey, telling him some encouraging words after losing that match.

A couple of days later, we found out that Bailey's mom was a model after getting a lot of attention across social media. With Drake and Michael B. Jordan attending another game, people wondered if the rapper had secret reasons to keep attending these matches. 

Well, all these factors make us think he was really on a mission with Leia, and given the fact that he took her on a date, it's fair to say he accomplished it.