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Exclusive Photos Of Michael Jordan And Yvette Prieto In Dubrovnik And Montenegro

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mj prietto

When you're a former NBA legend going on vacation, anywhere in the world is pretty much an option. Lots of athletes take trips abroad for vacation, and it seems as though Michael Jordan is the latest among them. 

The Chicago Bulls legend was spotted last week in Dubrovnik, Croatia, taking a walk with his spouse, Yvette Prieto. Multiple Instagram pages reported the news and shared photos of the couple walking through town. It looked as though Jordan was enjoying his time sightseeing alongside his wife in Dubrovnik, with coffee and a cigar in hand. 

It was previously reported that Michael Jordan touched down in Split, Croatia via plane. He then proceeded to spend some time on his $1.2 million yacht, and he is certainly having a blast on his travels. The yacht itself seems incredible, containing a variety of amazing features such as a helipad.

It seems as though Michael Jordan has most recently moved on to vacationing in another Eastern European country though, with people managing to catch a glimpse of him in Montenegro on his yacht. Jordan also notably went to restaurant MAREA Porto Montenegro with the restaurant making a post about hosting His Airness.

There's no doubt that Michael Jordan is having fun on his vacation, and hopefully, he feels rejuvenated when he ends up returning to the United States. Even if he's retired from the NBA, he is still the governor of the Charlotte Hornets, and they will need his wisdom next season. The 2021-22 regular season will come sooner than we expect, and Jordan will be thrust into the NBA world once again.