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Gabrielle Union Stuns Fans With Hot Blue Bikini: "She Is Fine, She Is Hot"

Gabrielle Union Stuns Fans With Hot Blue Bikini: "She Is Fine, She Is Hot"

Gabrielle Union keeps showing her beauty on social media, confirming that she's one of the most gorgeous NBA wives. The actress has been married to Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade for a while now, but many fans also enjoy watching her and her good looks. 

In recent times, Union has delighted her followers with her incredible pics, and not even her husband can't help but praise her. Whenever she posts something, the comment section goes off, and after her recent post, things reached a new level. 

Gabrielle went to the beach and decided to share a couple of pics with her followers, wearing a stunning blue bikini that drew a lot of attention. The three-photo Instagram post is just great and many fans thought the same. She was met with many good comments from people noticing how great she looks. 

After she shared the post, everybody met it with a lot of good comments, showering her with praise. 


Not fair 😢🔥🔥🔥 This is why i don’t come to pool parties at the Wades. You ever seen polly-o string cheese doing a doggy paddle?

How do you spell HEAT? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Look at my friennnnnnnnnnnnd! 😍😍😍🔥🔥

Yesss!! 💙💙



sheesh just HOT HOT HOT

WOWWWWWW 🤩💥🤩💥🤩💥🤩

Yes fire! More fire! 🔥

How are you aging backwards 😍😍😍😍

She is fine, she is fot

As many people pointed out, Gabrielle Union doesn't age. She looks better by the day and it's simply unbelievable. She and Dwyane Wade are often traveling around the world, enjoying each other's company at home and trying everything they can to keep their relationship in a good place and be as happy as they can. Gabrielle also enjoys her time alone and most of the time, she comes up with incredible pictures.