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IG Golfer Paige Spiranac Criticizes Space Jam 2 For Taking Away Lola Bunny's Breasts

IG Golfer Paige Spiranac Criticizes Space Jam 2 For Taking Away Lola Bunny's "Femininity"

Paige Spiranac has been the latest person to talk about Space Jam 2 and how they changed Lola Bunny's looks. The famous cartoon character looks different from the first movie, where she shared the screen with the Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Time has passed, things have changed and people want to see a different type of content for themselves and their children, which is why Warner Bros made the decision to introduce a new image of Lola. Of course, this didn't sit well with plenty of fans, who took to social media to express their discomfort with the decision.

Yet, they aren't the only ones unhappy with this, and the Instagram golfer, who has amassed 3 million followers on social media, also talked against this. Talking on her podcast “‎Playing A Round With Paige Renee," the 27-year-old said that the producers took away all the femininity from Lola Bunny.

Via The Sun:

“The director wanted her to be less sexy and be seen as more strong. So what the director decided to do was take away all of her femininity.

“She has no curves and her outfit is long basketball shorts with compression shorts and a baggy shirt. I took so much offense to this.

“They’re basically insinuating that you can’t be sexy and also strong.

“And to be seen as strong you have to be seen as more masculine. And you can’t show off your body or curves. I hated that. I don’t like what they’re trying to say with this new Lola bunny.

“All women can be strong and sexy and empowered in their own way.

“It’s a cartoon character, like what the f*** are we actually talking about here but taking the boobs off Lola Bunny you are saying you can never be seen that way because women who have large breasts, what do we do about that?

“You look at her in the original movie and she was a f**king badass. She balled out and she looked good.

“When she gave it to Bugs Bunny and said ‘don’t call me babe’ then walked out, that was an empowering moment for three-year-old Paige watching this.”

In case you don't know Spiranac, she is a girl who enjoys her curvy body and isn't afraid to show that. She's very proud of it and often urges women to feel proud of their curves and their bodies.

She believes that this version of Lola was stripped of her sexiness when that doesn't have to affect who she is as a character. She was clearly not happy with it, just like plenty of fans around the world. In an era where everything is changing, where cancel culture is so present, LeBron James and co. made a decision that is polarizing fans around the world.