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Kyle Kuzma Having Fun With Supermodel Winnie Harlow

Kyle Kuzma Having Fun With Supermodel Winnie Harlow

It looks like Kyle Kuzma found the perfect quarantine partner. The Los Angeles Lakers forward was caught shooting his shot with several women ever since the NBA entered hiatus, but he has found romance with supermodel Winnie Harlow.

They were linked with each other before and now things are official, with Kuz having a great time with Harlow, showing how cool they are together whenever they have the chance. Youtube channel Swish Daily compiled some of the best moments they've had as a couple and it's fair to say they look great together.

Kuz is waiting for the league to resume. He recently showed his desire to compete again, going against the narrative that several players don't want the league to return.

"Some of us want to hoop and compete don’t get that twisted," he wrote on Twitter.

While that moment arrives, he'll keep hanging out with his gorgeous girlfriend. They look very happy and seeing their activity on social media, life can't be better for them.