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NBA Fan Was Fired Up After Drake Said 'Hi' To His Daughter: "Thank You, Drake!"


Canadian rapper Drake is an avid NBA fan, who is often spotted watching games. He's the Toronto Raptors ambassador, and really embraced that role in the 2019 Finals. Recently, however, he was spotted at an Oklahoma City Thunder-Houston Rockets game. 

It was unclear why the artist showed up at a game with two of the worst teams in the league right now, but that didn't matter to fans. In fact, one supporter tried to get his attention, yelling at the rapper, asking if he could say 'hi' to his daughter. 

'Drizzy' listened to the man and waved, making the fan and his daughter's day. The video shows the 'One Dance' singer waving at the fans, and the reactions were really big. 

The girl was just smiling while her dad bragged about Drake greeting her. 

"Thank, you Drake," he shouted. "How you feeling, baby girl? Hey, Drake just said 'hi' to my daughter. He didn't do it for y'all, he did it for her. That's right."

Drake is one of the most famous artists in the world, and the respect he's earned during his career has transcended the music industry. NBA fans have the utmost respect for the singer, and he's not shy at the time of greeting fans. 

That game saw the Houston Rockets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in a duel between two teams struggling to win this season. They could be very exciting in the future, but right now, there isn't much to look at in Houston and OKC.