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Winnie Harlow Surprises Kyle Kuzma With Epic Birthday Message Using Airplane

Winnie Harlow Surprises Kyle Kuzma With Epic Birthday Message Using Airplane

Fashion model Winnie Harlow surprised her boyfriend Kyle Kuzma on Friday, sending a surprise to celebrate his birthday. Kuz, now 25, is currently in Orlando with the Los Angeles Lakers getting ready for the restart of the NBA season next Friday when his Lakers will face the Los Angeles Clippers on opening night.

Every player is quarantine at the bubble and unless an emergency happens, they're not allowed to leave the location. That said, Harlow had to find a way to send a birthday gift to his lover without breaking the rules the NBA imposed.

Well, she did everything she could and sent an airplane fly over the NBA’s bubble environment in Orlando to wish her man a happy birthday.

Kuz's level has decreased a little bit this season, especially after LeBron James and Anthony Davis took over to lead this team to the first position of the Western Conference. He's confident his time will come but he keeps demonstrating that he can improve his game, as Frank Vogel recently revealed. The Lakers are one of the biggest favorites at the bubble and Kuz's help will be necessary to win the title.

He's averaging 12.5 points a game while shooting just 43.2 percent from the field and 29.7 percent from deep this season.

In the meantime, her girlfriend keeps spoiling him with cute messages in the sky to keep him focused and inspired ahead of the resumption of the season. This romance started during this quarantine and we see things are going pretty fine between the young couple. Love always finds its way, even in the NBA bubble.