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Karl-Anthony Towns Is Not Happy That He Wasn't Among The Top Shooters In NBA 2K23

Karl-Anthony Towns Is Not Happy That He Wasn't Among The Top Shooters In NBA 2K23

It is that time of the year when player ratings in the NBA 2K games come out, and as is always the case, no one is ever quite happy with what they got. It may just be a game for many, but it does mean a lot to these players, who always tend to feel they get undervalued by 2K.

Klay Thompson was furious after he found out his three-point shooting was just an 88 as he stated that "NBA2k has been doo doo since Sega Dreamcast". It was perhaps a bit unfair to rate Klay that low by his high standards, but he is coming off a season in which he shot 38.5% from beyond the arc in the regular season as well as the postseason, so it might not be that outrageous. 

Karl-Anthony Towns Was Not Happy That He Wasn't Among The Top Shooters

For all of Klay's complaints, they still have him tied for the second-best three-point shot rating, but someone who isn't among those top shooters in the game is Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns is one of the best, if not the best shooter among the big men in the NBA, and he wasn't happy when he saw that he wasn't among the top shooters in the game.

He shot 41% from beyond the arc last season, which was better than what Klay shot, and it was higher than Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant as well, so Towns has a right perhaps to be a bit upset that he didn't make it there. Still, there were a lot of guys who shot even better than he did, as he ranked just 15th in the league in three-point shooting percentage among those who took at least 4 threes a game.

KAT can, of course, increase his rating during the course of the season if he ups his percentages, and he is definitely going to have to shoot a lot of threes next season, as he will be paired up with Rudy Gobert in the frontcourt. Gobert isn't a scoring threat apart from the times when he gets to dunk or lay the ball in, so Towns will be spending a lot of time on the perimeter. It will be interesting to see just how this latest iteration of the Twin Towers works out for the Timberwolves at a time when teams in the NBA just keep going smaller. It is a bold strategy to go against the grain, but perhaps it might work out for them.