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NBA Fans React To Wild 2K23 Concept MyCareer Storyline Involving A Jail Sentence: "When I Was In Jail I Was Lowkey."

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NBA 2K23 is merely weeks away now. Given the incredible popularity of the game, and it is the NBA offseason, this is the perfect time for the release of a game like 2K23. Ever since the release of the first poster of the game, fans cannot contain their excitement.

While the fans were blown away by the gameplay release a few weeks ago, recently, another video has been blowing up on social media. A YouTube creator, Y2K Sports, created an incredible concept storyline for the MyCareer mode.

Featuring a young prospect being jailed due to carrying an illegal firearm, the story is about the prospect redeeming himself with the help of his coach and making it all the way to the NBA. Featuring a certainly interesting narration and a cast like that of Willem Dafoe, this simulated concept storyline certainly looked more like a finished product.

The comments section was filled with multiple comments on the video. While some appreciated the creator's efforts, some compared the story to that of current players like Miles Bridges.

"This would be a dope ass storyline hopefully we get a storyline like this one day on 2k fr"

"If 2K adds this, it would be a banger!"

"The Miles Bridges myCAREER experience"

"This was better than any 2k mycareer that ever dropped"

"Someone put this on Twitter had me excited for the new storyline, wish this was real"

"Good work bro that shit looks good. If only that was the actual storyline"

"You actually had me in the first half ngl"

"Got me feeling like Iverson"

"Willem Dafoe looks good here"

"I would buy that now!!"

"Boy I thought this was real"

"Man I was hyped.. thought we was spinning the block for Vic"

"We absolutely need this"

"Willem?!.......oh 2K ain't reaching that DEEP into their pockets"

"I thought this was real, it's definitely better than whatever 2k has planned"

While the storyline might be a fan-made one, it was certainly an interesting and darker tone than the MyCareer storyline. Given the number of changes that the game has mentioned before its release, 2K23 looks promising. Can the game deliver on its promise and be a banger of a game?