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The Highest-Rated NBA 2K23 Player Per Each Team

The Highest-Rated NBA 2K23 Player Per Each Team

NBA 2K is a fan favorite video game. It allows fans to play with their favorite teams and players. Out of all sports games, the game that has come the longest way is NBA 2K. The upcoming season will feature 2K23 and will boast a new set of players with rankings. The rankings for each player were recently released, so fans can start determining who are the best players to use.

Some teams have more talent on paper than others. That is confirmed by these ratings. Some teams do not have a single player rated 90 or above. Some teams barely have players rated above 80. In the end, individual talent can only take a team so far. It takes a team to win. For now, we are going to focus on the individual.

These are the highest-rated players for each NBA team.

Atlanta Hawks - Trae Young (90)

Trae Young

Young has a score of 80 or higher in all of the playmaking categories. He finished with an overall 89 for this category. That featured 80 in pass accuracy and 84 in speed with the ball. He has over 90 in ball handling, pass vision, and pass IQ. Young finished with a score of 55 in inside scoring but finished with a score of 96 in drawing fouls.

Young was low in defending and rebounding, which is no surprise; however, he finished with a score of 70 in lateral quickness and pass perception. His athleticism featured a score of 84 in speed and acceleration and an 86 in overall durability. His outside scoring was his greatest overall score, with 92. He has a 98 in offensive consistency, as well as a 97 in mid-range jumpers. He also finished with a 91 in close shooting, 89 in free throws, and 86 in three-point shooting.

Boston Celtics - Jayson Tatum (93)

Jayson Tatum

When it comes to outside scoring and athleticism, there are not many better than Tatum. He received a 98 in shot IQ and offensive consistency. His marks were all green for this category. All categories were green in athletics except for his low rating for strength. His best attribute was a 95 in stamina. For inside scoring, he had the highest marks in drawing fouls, layups, and hands, with scores over 90.

His defense, like playmaking, is a 79, which was just outside of green. His pass perception (90), held defense IQ (89), and perimeter defense (89) were all very high. Tatum also has a 98 in intangibles and a 95 in potential. His lowest score was his offensive rebounding, which was a rating of 42, while rebounding was his worst category.

Brooklyn Nets - Kevin Durant (96)

Kevin Durant

Outside scoring was Durant's best overall category. He finished with a total of 95 with close shot, mid-range jump shot, shot IQ, and offensive consistency, all scoring 98. His athleticism was all green except for strength and vertical. His stamina at 94 was the highest score. Durant’s inside scoring and playmaking were also above 80 as well. Hands (98), layups (95), and drawing fouls (92) were all above 90. As for playmaking, he scored a 92 in ball handling and an 88 in pass IQ.

Durant’s intangibles were scored at a 98, and his potential was at a 99. This likely means that the developers see Durant as an MVP candidate this season if he can stay healthy. As for his weaknesses, Durant scored a 60 in rebounding with a score of 45 in offensive rebounding. His worst attribute was his score of 38 in steals for defending.

Charlotte Hornets - LaMelo Ball (87)

LaMelo Ball

With Miles Bridges out of the picture, there will be more pressure on Ball to score. Some believe that Ball could break out as Trae Young did a few years ago. With similar scores on their player profile, that could be a reality. Ball’s highest category was playmaking at an overall score of 90. He finished with a 92 in pass accuracy, pass IQ, and pass vision.

Ball also scored high in outside scoring and athleticism. His outside scoring came to an 87 with a shot IQ, and offensive consistency scored at a 98. His athleticism featured a 93 in stamina and an 89 in hustle. Ball’s inside scoring was high in layups, drawing fouls, and featured a 98 in hands. The lowest score on his player profile was a 45 in standing dunk and for interior defense. His rebounding was low at 58, but he did finish with a 98 in intangibles and a 93 in potential.

Chicago Bulls - DeMar DeRozan (89)

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DeRozan barely beats out the 88 by Zach LaVine. DeRozan shocked the world last year by rising to the king of the midrange. For that reason, his inside and outside scoring are both in the green. His inside scoring of 81 features a high score in post fades, driving dunks, post control, drawing fouls, and hands. DeRozan's outside scoring features a 98 in close shots, shot IQ, offensive consistency, and a 90 in mid-range shots. His three-point shot was just one point away from sweeping the categories all green.

Even DeRozan’s playmaking was a respectable score at 76. He owns an 83 in ball handling and an 80 in speed with the ball. His defending is low at 64, as well as his rebounding at 48, but he makes up for it with an 80 in intangibles and an 89 in potential. Overall, DeRozan will be a solid player to choose from.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Donovan Mitchell (89)

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Mitchell’s outside scoring was the highest at 91. Mitchell owns a 98 in offensive consistency and a 94 in close shot. He also owns a 90 in shot IQ, 89 in free throws and mid-range jumpers, and an 84 in three-point shooting. His athleticism and playmaking were also in the green, with scores over 80. Mitchell’s vertical was at a 97, which will surely prompt some hoping for him to join a Slam Dunk Contest one day.

His inside scoring was at a 66, but he owns a 92 in driving dunks and a 93 in drawing fouls. His hands are at a 98, and his layup is at an 89. His weakest is his rebounding, which is listed at a 45, while his defense is average at 71. His perimeter defense was just off of the green with a score of 79, the same as his help defense and pass perception.

Dallas Mavericks - Luka Doncic (95)

Luka Doncic

It’s very rare to see a player have the outside scoring and inside scoring above the green as Doncic does. His outside scoring, athleticism, and inside scoring are all scored 80 or higher. The best part is that none of those is his highest attribute, either. His playmaking is at a 94, led by a 98 in pass IQ, 97 in pass accuracy, 96 in pass vision, and 95 in ball handling. When looking at everything, there is no doubt that Doncic could be viewed as an MVP candidate this season.

To further prove that, Doncic owns an 80 in rebounding, specifically an 87 in defensive rebounding. Combined with his 98 in intangibles and 99 in potential, he has a total of 3,177 total attributes. Doncic has one weakness in defense, which has a rating of 67. He still has marks above 70 in perimeter defense, lateral quickness, and help defense IQ.

Denver Nuggets - Nikola Jokic (96)

Nikola Jokic

The reigning two-time MVP does not own the highest rating in 2k23, but his 96 is still a top rating in the league. The center owns a score of 91 for his outside scoring, which was unheard of 20 years ago. Jokic owns a 97 in mid-range jumps and an 80 in three-point shooting. His close shot is one of the best at 98, while his shot IQ (95) and offensive consistency (98) are also top-notch scores. Paired with his score of 90 for inside scoring, it makes him one of the most dynamic players in the league.

As a center, Jokic owns scores over 90 in layups, standing dunks, post hooks, post fade, post control, drawing fouls, and hands. Jokic is a triple-double machine, which is evidenced by his strong rebounding and playmaking score. It sounds like a broken record, but how often do you have a center with scores over 80 in both of these categories?

Detroit Pistons - Cade Cunningham (84)

Cade Cunningham

The Pistons are continuously rebuilding. The team will rely on 2021 No. 1 overall pick Cade Cunningham to lead the way. Cunningham is coming off of a strong rookie season, but he still needs to prove that he is a future star in this league. With that said, a sophomore with a rating of 84 is not too shabby. However, it shows how tough this season is going to be for the Pistons this season.

Cunningham owns an 87 in outside shooting, which is his best overall mark. He scored an 81 in athleticism, and just missed the green with a 79 in athleticism. His inside scoring is at 70, which shows where he needs to improve. His score of 78 for drawing fouls could be better, but he did finish with an 83 in layups. All of his attributes in playmaking were 80 or higher. His best score was a 98 in offensive consistency and 95 in shot IQ.

Golden State Warriors - Stephen Curry (96)

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The best outside shooting player owns exactly the kind of offensive scoring attribute scores you would expect. Curry has a 96 overall outside shooting ranking. This is headlined with every attribute over 90, led by a 99 in offensive consistency and three-point shooting, 98 in shot IQ, 95 in close shot, and 92 in mid-range jumpers. Speaking, when you shoot a three-pointer with Curry in this game, it should go in most of the time if you are open.

Curry also owns a high playmaking score at 89, while his athleticism is also over 80. His pass IQ owns a score of 97, as well as ball handling. His overall defense is low at 65, as well as his rebounding, but that is expected. When it comes to inside scoring, he owns a low score of 59 but boasts a 98 in hands, 96 in layups, and 94 in drawing fouls.

Houston Rockets - Jalen Green (82)

Jalen Green

The Rockets are in a similar position as the Pistons with their rebuild. Green was the No. 2 overall pick from the 2021 draft. All eyes will be on Green this season and his development. With Christian Wood traded away, Green is truly the team’s best overall offensive player. Green’s outside scoring is his best asset at 84, but his three-point shot and close shot are in the mid-70s. His athleticism is easily his best overall attribute, with nearly all categories in the green.

That includes his speed, acceleration, vertical, stamina, hustle, and overall durability, all above 80. That is likely credited to his youth. His development will hinge on his inside scoring and playmaking, which both finished around 70 and 75, respectively. Green has high ratings for ball handling and driving dunks, but it appears he still has a lot to develop in year two.

Indiana Pacers - Tyrese Haliburton (84)

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After dealing away Domantas Sabonis last season for a package headlined around Haliburton, the Pacers will enter a rebuild this season. Haliburton is still ranked higher than Myles Turner and Buddy Hield, which could be a surprise given that this is just his third season in the league.

Haliburton showcased a strong outside shooting score of 89, which features all attributes over 80 except his free throw shooting, which fell to a 76. Playmaking was right behind that at 84, headlined by a score of 87 in pass accuracy and pass IQ. Inside scoring was led by an 84 in layups and 95 in hands but finished with an overall score of 60. Haliburton will need to develop more into a promising player but could be a breakout star this season with more on his load.

Los Angeles Clippers - Kawhi Leonard (94)

Kawhi Leonard

Despite not playing a single game last season, Leonard remains an elite player in the 2K world, even higher than the 88 rating of Paul George. His outside scoring is a 93, headlined by a 98 in close shot and offensive consistency. He also finished with a 96 in shot IQ and a 93 in mid-range shots. His athleticism (84) and inside scoring (83) were also green as well. His stamina was ranked at 94, which seems high for a player that is coming back from an injury.

Leonard owns five categories in the green, with playmaking at 80 and defending at 88. His perimeter defense is scored at 97, as well as his lateral quickness, help defense IQ, and pass perception. His defensive consistency is very high at 98. Assuming he is healthy, he should meet this rating.

Los Angeles Lakers - LeBron James (96)

LeBron James

After scoring more than 30.0 points per game last season, James enters his age 38 season with one of the highest ratings in 2K23. The developers must love what James can bring to the table despite his age because he scored five categories in the green. That is led by his athleticism at 91. What’s impressive is that he scored a 99 in stamina and a 97 in overall durability. As a reminder, James is 37 years old.

James scored 89 in inside scoring, 88 in playmaking, 87 in outside scoring, and 82 in defending. His weakness category was a 72 in rebounding, where he still scored a 77 in defensive rebounding. With a 98 in intangibles and 99 in potential, James remains one of the top players in the league when you look at his overall profile.

Memphis Grizzlies - Ja Morant (93)

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The 2022 Most Improved Player of the Year makes an appearance in the 90s. Morant’s score is led by a 92 in playmaking, where he owns pass accuracy, ball handling, speed with the ball, and pass IQ scores over 90. Morant also owns an 89 in outside scoring. He nearly swept all of the attributes, but just missed green with a 79 in three-point shooting.

Without looking at the sheet, one could assume that his athleticism is his greatest strength. His athleticism score was third among the categories, but he owned a score of 90 or higher in speed, acceleration, vertical, stamina, and hustle. One questioning score could be his 80 in overall durability. Given his reckless play sometimes, it’s not all that surprising that one hard hit could knock him out a few games.

Miami Heat - Jimmy Butler (93)

Jimmy Butler's Draft Profile Wrongly Predicted He Would Be A Role Player: "Lacks Any One Great Skill... Hasn't Proven That He Can Consistently Create Offense For Himself."

Butler’s player profile is very similar to that of Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James. Butler owns five categories where he is 80 or higher. Butler doesn’t own a score of 90 in any of them, but he is consistent enough to where they are all over 80. That starts with an 87 in outside shooting. All attributes are over 80 except for his score of 71 in three-point shooting. Following that is his score of 85 in athleticism, where strength (76) and vertical (78) just missed the cut.

Butler also scored an 85 in defending. His perimeter defense is a 90, while his steal received a rating of 84. His lateral quickness, help defense IQ, pass perception, and defensive consistency are all over 90. Butler's playmaking is an 83 with pass accuracy, ball handling, speed with the ball, and pass IQ over 80. Finally, his inside scoring is an 82 with all attributes over 80 except for his standing dunk, listed at 40. Overall, Butler is a complete player and would be a great player to have on your team.

Milwaukee Bucks - Giannis Antetokounmpo (97)

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Antetokounmpo is one of the best finishers in the game six feet from the basket but finished with a score of 88 for inside scoring. That seems to be low, but he scored a 79 in post hook and a 74 in post fade. Antetokounmpo did receive a 98 in layups to confirm his finishing talents. Outside of this, Antetokounmpo nearly swept all of the categories with a score of 80 or higher.

Antetokounmpo finished with a score of 75 in rebounding, as his 57 in offensive rebounding brought the score down. His 92 in defensive rebounding was stellar. Had he scored 80 here, he would have been green in outside shooting, inside shooting, athleticism, defense, playmaking, and rebounding. When it comes to complete players, take a look at the two-time MVP, who could be in the position to earn a third this season.

Minnesota Timberwolves - Karl-Anthony Towns (89)

Karl-Anthony Towns

Towns might be the most complete offensive scoring center in the league. With the addition of Rudy Gobert, he will be moved to power forward, but his scores show that he is a real offensive package. Both his outside and inside shooting scores were 86. His outside shooting was led by a 98 in close shot and offensive consistency. He scored 86 in three-point shooting, but 74 in midrange shots. As for inside scoring, all of his post moves were 80 or higher except for his driving dunk score of 75.

Athleticism was all green but his vertical was average at 70. Rebounding was a 75 with defensive rebounding scorer at 84. If Towns could play a little defense, he would be right up with Antetokounmpo and Jokic in the mid-90s. However, his score of 61 shows that he has a long way to go for that to happen.

New Orleans Pelicans - Zion Williamson (87)

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The world must believe that Williamson is a true monster when healthy. When he stayed on the court, he was an All-Star, but he missed all of last season. Regardless, Williamson owns a high score in inside scoring and athleticism. All of his athleticism scores are higher than 80 except for his very poor score of 60 in durability. Given his health concerns, that would make the most sense.

Williamson owns a very poor defending score at 58. While his offensive talents are strong, he should be good enough to have an average defensive score. Instead, his interior, perimeter, block, and defensive consistency scores are all poor. As Williamson enters his fourth season, there will be many eyes on him.

New York Knicks - RJ Barrett (84)

RJ Barrett

Barrett beats out Julius Randle, who took a regression last year. If the Knicks want to compete at a high level again, the team will need Randle to step up. With that said, all of the focus will be on Barrett, who is believed to be the team’s best overall player. Barrett scored an 83 in outside shooting and athleticism. While his outside shooting was a higher score, his close shot, mid-range jump shot, three-point shot, and free throw shooting were all in the 70s.

Had Barrett’s strength been just higher than the 76 on paper, he would have swept the athleticism field. His playmaking just missed green with a score of 77 but he is believed to have a strong ball handling skill and pass IQ. Inside scoring was led by layups at 89 and driving dunk at 80, while his defense was high in lateral quickness and perimeter defense. All in all, the Knicks have their best player in the 80s, so it could be another long year for New York.

Oklahoma City Thunder - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (87)

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

The upside for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is very high. Until the Thunder are truly competing, the NBA world will sleep on SGA. With three attribute categories in the green, he could compete for an All-Star season this year. His outside scoring (89) and playmaking (88) were very high. If his three-point shot was higher than the 75, he would have swept all attributes. His athleticism was low on strength (60), but above 80 in everything else.

SGA’s inside scoring nearly made it to 80. It finished with a 77, led by a 94 in layups and drawing fouls, as well as a 98 in hands. What stands out the most is his 75 in driving dunk, 73 in post fade, and 72 in post control. Those are very high for a guard. His defense was also respectable, with an overall score of 70.

Orlando Magic - Wendell Carter Jr. (83)

Wendell Carter Jr.

Keep an eye out for No. 1 overall pick Paolo Banchero this season. For now, the Magic will be led by Wendell Carter Jr, who took a leap last season. Carter’s outside scoring was consistent, specifically his mid-range shot with a score of 96. He was recognized for a high shot IQ with a score of 95, as well as an 87 in close shot. His three-point shot was respectable at 75 as well as his offensive consistency. His inside scoring was also solid with standing dunk, post hook, post fade, and post control all in the lower 80s.

Carter’s defense could use a significant improvement. His interior defense led the way at 78, but his lateral quickness (50), block (61), and defensive consistency (70) were all fairly low. If he is going to be a two-way player in the post, he needs to improve. That could also be said about his rebounding score of 78; however, his defensive rebounding score of 91 was very high. Overall, his athleticism score of 76 was matched with his 90 in hustle and 81 in overall durability. This could be a strong year for the man in the middle.

Philadelphia 76ers - Joel Embiid (96)

Joel Embiid

James Harden did not make the 90-Club as he owns a rating of 89. This remains Embiid’s team. Last year, the MVP runners-up, which is why he was rewarded with his rating of 96. Embiid might be one of the most feared inside-outside scoring combo players in the league. Embiid owns an inside scoring mark of 92 and an 88 in outside scoring. Every attribute listed is at a score of 80 or higher.

Embiid owns four categories with 80 or higher. The third is his rebounding score with a 93 in defensive rebounding and 70 in offensive. His athleticism is scored at an 80 with strength, stamina, and hustle all at 90 or higher. His overall durability of 76 could scare some away. He has a defensive rating of 76 in interior defense, but his help defense IQ, and defensive consistency are all 95 or higher. His block nearly made it to green but came up short with a 78.

Phoenix Suns - Devin Booker (91)

Devin Booker

Chris Paul nearly pushed Booker aside but came up with a score of 90. Booker is coming off a season where he finished First Team All-NBA, but some of his attributes came up short of being green. His outside scoring swept all attributes with a score of 86 or higher, while his playmaking was scored an 86. His inside scoring (76) and athleticism (77) were ranked lower. Booker was specifically ranked poor in strength with a rating of 49.

Booker’s stamina, hustle, and overall durability were high, while his speed and acceleration were marked a 79. Booker has a 76 for inside scoring, where he finished with a 92 in layups, 91 in drafting fouls, and 82 in post control. Defensively, he was rated in the red with a rating of 59. His perimeter defense was lacking at 74. If the Suns want to be a top defensive team again, they will need more out of Booker.

Portland Trail Blazers - Damian Lillard (89)

Damian Lillard

No surprise here as Lillard enters another season as the team’s best player. Lillard reached 88 in athleticism and 87 in outside scoring and playmaking. Among his strengths are his 91 in mid-range shots and 90 in offensive consistency. He has a 95 rating in ball handling and a 97 rating in stamina. His overall durability in 98 could be questioned given he missed significant time last season, but that was the first time in his career he battled something of that nature.

Lillard’s outside shooting will make up for his score of 62 for inside scoring. Lillard has great range, but he comes in with a three-point shot of 85. That is likely from his poor outside shooting last season. Given his lack of shooting inside the arc, Lillard will need some of his outside shooting talents to get back to his regular All-Star status.

Sacramento Kings - Domantas Sabonis (86)

Domantas Sabonis

The newcomer beat out De’Aaron Fox and his rating of 84. Sabonis was a trade deadline acquisition and will get to showcase his talents in California for a full season. Sabonis has a unique rating of 84 in both outside and inside shooting. Sabonis owns a 98 in close shot, shot IQ, and offensive consistency. His free throw shooting of 75 and three-point shot of 74 are respectable. His 65 in mid-range is considered poor.

As for inside scoring, he finished with an 85 or higher in layups, post hook, post fade, post control, drawing fouls, and hands. His athleticism featured a green score in strength, stamina, hustle, and overall durability. Sabonis finished with an 82 in pass accuracy and an 80 in pass IQ but owns an overall score of 67 in playmaking. Rebounding was at an 81, specifically a 90 in defensive rebounding. Defense was his worst skill, where he was rated poorly with a score of 54.

San Antonio Spurs - Keldon Johnson (82)

Keldon Johnson

After the Spurs traded away Dejounte Murray this offseason, the team owns just one player with a rating of 82 or higher. It’s going to be a very long season for the Spurs and the focus will be on coach Gregg Popovich’s retirement. For the time being, Keldon Johnson will be the star of the team. He owns an outside shooting score of 84 with free throws (65) being his weakest attribute. His athleticism is consistent with every score of 70 or higher.

Johnson’s inside scoring (69) could use some work. He owns no post moves, while his dunking was listed as weak. It wasn’t as bad as his 58 in defense, where his highest score was a 75 in lateral quickness. Rebounding was just as low with a 55 for the composite score. Johnson shows promise at times, but the team in general looks rough on paper.

Toronto Raptors - Pascal Siakam (86)

Pascal Siakam

The leap from Scottie Barnes in his rookie season was good enough to land him a rating of 84, which is higher than Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby. Siakam was consistent across the board except for his rebounding. With a score of 63, that is his weakest attribute, but he owns three categories with scores of 80 or higher. Defense and playmaking were considered average, with scores of 74 and 72, respectively.

As for his offense, he finished 87 in outside scoring and 81 in inside scoring. Close shot, shot IQ, and offensive consistency were 95 or higher. Layups, standing dunks, driving dunks, and hands were 80 or higher. Post hook, post fade, post control, and drawing fouls all finished with a score of 79. His three-point shot just missed green as it finished at 78.

Utah Jazz - Mike Conley Jr. (82)

Mike Conley

With Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell traded, the Jazz are looking rough on paper. Collin Sexton and Jarred Vanderbilt, all acquired via trade, all have a rating of 78. Bojan Bogdanovic is close to Conley with a rating of 80. Both Conley and him will likely be trade prospects this season. When it comes to the best overall trade prospect, Conley would be the best.

Conley owns a high playmaking score at 85. His pass accuracy was a 90, as was his pass IQ. He owns an 89 in ball handling and an 83 in speed with the ball. His athleticism just missed the green with a score of 78. Outside shooting is at an 82 with everything but a mid-range shot being considered good. There were some teams needing a starting or backup point guard. With Conley, he would bring a lot of value to a championship contender, but at what cost?

Washington Wizards - Bradley Beal (87)

Bradley Beal

The Wizards could be sneaking good this season with the addition of Kristaps Porzingis, who owns a rating of 85. Beal decided to make Washington his home. He made that clear with his contract extension this offseason. Washington will look forward to his outside shooting, athleticism, and playmaking, which all have a rating of 80 or higher.  

As for outside shooting, all attributes have a rating of 80 or higher to help land a score of 86. Athleticism and playmaking both scored at 81 with stamina being the highest attribute at 98. Beal’s inside scoring is a rating of 70, for his lack of post moves, but his layup (95), drawing fouls (95), and hands (92) made up for it. Beal has never been a strong defender or rebounder as both scores were rated poor. Beals scoring is his greatest strength and was evidenced by the strong ratings. 


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