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Devin Booker Reacts To His Cover Of NBA 2K23: "This The Hardest Cover They Done Did?"

Devin Booker Reacts To His Cover Of NBA 2K23: "This The Hardest Cover They Done Did?"

Devin Booker will take center stage of the NBA 2K23 standard edition cover as the All-NBA First-Team member's cover for the next iteration of the long-running game series was finally revealed. The cover is a big departure from the art style of previous games, as this cover flows the colors of the Phoenix Suns all across it.

The man that eliminated Booker from the 2022 Playoffs, Luka Doncic, graced the cover of last year's game. Michael Jordan will feature on the Legends edition, replacing the 75th Anniversary edition from NBA 2K22 that featured Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Booker has reacted to his cover finally being released to the public after 2K spent the last couple of days releasing the cover for the Jordan edition and the WNBA edition featuring Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird. The Suns' guard believes this cover might be the best one 2K has ever made.

The cover design of NBA 2K games has never been this bold before, so Booker's cover does look much different from the others. The series had a long streak of forcing the color red into the cover, up until NBA 2K21. That year, 2K released two covers, with Zion Williamson's cover for next-gen consoles featuring a blue backdrop and Kobe Bryant's cover for the Legends edition featuring a purple and gold backdrop.

NBA 2K22 featured Luka Doncic on a white cover. While people were happy with the star chosen due to Doncic's emergence, the color scheme was a little bland and was not something that struck out. This year's cover does all the standing out it can.

The cover of the game is a marketing move by 2K but it is great to see Booker elevate to this level after the years of obscurity he faced in Phoenix prior to the 2020-21 season. Hopefully, he can take a leap on the court and lead the Suns to an inaugural championship.