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2011 NBA Taco Bell Skills Challenge Featured Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, And John Wall

2011 NBA Taco Bell Skills Challenge Featured Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, And John Wall

NBA All-Star weekend is a true highlight for NBA fans. It allows some of the best players in the world to put on a show for the fans, showcasing their elite skill, athleticism, and talent. But it isn't just the All-Star game that gives these players the platform to do this.

Over the years, several contests have been added to the festivities of All-Star weekend. One of the contests that has garnered a lot of popularity has been the Skills Challenge. And in 2011, we got a Skills Challenge with an elite lineup, one that will be very hard to top in the years to come.

In 2011, the NBA announced some of the best point guards in the league to take part in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. The participants included Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook. All 5 of these players would go on to be All-Stars in the future.

NBA fans reacted to this collection of players, with many pointing out how the list of players involved were some of the greatest point guards in NBA history. The picture was a true snapshot of the time, as these players were truly changing the game in 2011.

3/8 best point guards of all time

Russ had to grow or somethin he be lookin bigger than curry on TV lol

These guys changed the game. 🔥🙌

f*cking curry look at him🤣🤣

3 point king yaaaaay area!!!! 🌊🌊🌊

All of them got traded except for 1 all of them got no rings except for 1

Cp3 was the best then Rose was #2

Why D rose 1m85?

Steph curry taller than Russell 😮

Put the ball down if you have a ring...

Crazy that only one of them has a ring

A combined 3 rings in those pictures wow

Only one person in this picture still on da same team today

This really show how small they are but how big steph really is at the same time 😂

Chris Paul not no 6’1 or even 6’ 🤣

Rose looks so much more grown and mature than these guys.

That day...... cp3 fail layup 😢😢

Where did the times go

Curry still da one

This picture shows, although he is the greatest shooter in the history of basketball, he has absolutely no hops when you compare him to Westbrook and Rose who are essentially the same height.

All 5 players put on a show that the fans would never forget. But in the end, Stephen Curry walked away as the winner. Curry would end up being the most successful player out of this group, as he became a 2-time MVP and a 3-time NBA champion over the years.

John Wall was a promising rookie at the time, who would become an All-Star before injuries derailed his career. 

Derrick Rose would become the NBA's youngest MVP just a few months after the Skills Challenge. And Russell Westbrook would win the MVP in 2017. Chris Paul has been a regular contender for the MVP race and has been a regular All-Star over the years. Many consider him one of the best point guards of all time.