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23.8 Million International Viewers Streamed The Last Dance On Netflix In First Month

(via Boss Hunting)

(via Boss Hunting)

Michael Jordan's The Last Dance has been a massive worldwide success, just like his career and as everybody expected. Some people didn't even like the guy but they just couldn't stop binge-watching the 10 episodes week after week.

So, besides its incredible numbers in ESPN, it seems like the documentary has also been a banger in Netflix, as the streaming platform has seen dozens of millions of viewers logging into their accounts to watch Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls.

The documentary is a 10-episode masterpiece for basketball fans with never-seen footage from behind the scenes regarding everything that involved number 23's journey with the Chicago Bulls, mainly during their last campaign in 1997-98 when the team won their second three-peat.

Obviously, the interviews have created a lot of controversies around the league and the world of sports, with former teammates like Horace Grant, Scottie Pippen, and Craig Hodges reportedly livid at the way His Airness pictured them and their eras in the footage.

Isiah Thomas has always surfaced as a bit of a basketball villain for his appearances in the documentary and whatnot, you know how media is going to deal with this kind of stuff.

Some people claim that this documentary has finally put the last nail on the coffin for the never-ending debate about whether Michael Jordan is the Greatest Of All Time or LeBron James has a chance at climbing his way to the summit of basketball's Mt. Rushmore.

Truth or not, it was a great experience to finally take a glimpse of what happened behind closed doors and how Michael lived those moments that immortalized him as the biggest global icon the sports industry has ever had.

Jordan made the game global, so it's not a surprise to see him dominate the ratings worldwide and when Netflix launches it in the U.S on July 19, it's definitely going to continue to break all kinds of records.