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76ers Fans Start A ‘F*ck Ben Simmons’ Chant At All Elite Wrestling Show In Philadelphia

76ers Fans Start A ‘F*ck Ben Simmons’ Chant At All Elite Wrestling Show In Philadelphia

To say Ben Simmons has tested the patience of Philadelphia 76ers fans is an understatement. The Australian point guard has become public enemy number one after his recent trade demand and boycott of the 76ers preseason activities.

Simmons has demanded a trade because he is unhappy with the organization, feeling that they value big man Joel Embiid more than him. Whereas, Embiid came forward recently and said that their team has almost always been built to Simmons' needs and requirements.

Regardless of who is right, all signs suggest that Simmons and the 76ers are done with each other. All that remains is a formalized exit plan for Simmons. The 3-time All-Star is currently boycotting the 76ers' preseason preparations, including their preseason games.

76ers fans are taking any and every opportunity to publically take shots at Simmons. One fan recently took a shot at Simmons on the news when he was being interviewed about trapping an alligator in his trash can. And this latest incident will not make Ben feel any better about potentially returning to Philadelphia.

All Elite Wrestling did a show on Wednesday night from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. During the wrestling show, 76ers fans in the crowd started a 'f*ck Ben Simmons' that quickly caught on, and had most of the arena shouting at the top of their voice.

76ers fans have had enough of Ben Simmons. They feel as though he has not made enough of an effort to improve his shooting. And rather than owning up to his mistakes, he is deflecting blame and not taking any accountability for his poor showing during the playoffs.

The 76ers are trying to find a way out for Simmons. But his trade value is so low that they will not get the type of package in return for Simmons as they had hoped. Given his extremely poor performance in the playoffs, Simmons' stock doesn't warrant a huge package at the moment.