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A Girl Crashes Her Car Into A Wall After Seeing Tyler Herro


It's not every day that you see an NBA player in person. Nobody would act normally when that happens, but some fans get really blind when they have the chance to meet their idols. 

Miami Heat's young sharpshooter Tyler Herro recently caused a big stir greeting fans and signing autographs. The 21-year-old has made some noise in the league, especially in 2020, going off in the Orlando bubble. He didn't have the best 2020/21 NBA season, but Herro is still a good player in the league. 

In a video shared recently, one girl was too excited to see Herro that she forgot to put her car in park. The next thing you see is the car going into a wall while everybody watches in disbelief. 

Herro couldn't help but laugh while he kept signing autographs. That's exactly how the rest of the world reacted watching that sequence. 

They say you should never meet your idols, and this girl provides another example of why you should listen. To be fair, though, perhaps many of us would have reacted the same way that girl did, forgetting about everything else and just going to meet Tyler. 

Jokes aside, people should be careful in these situations. Things could have been worse than the car crashing into a wall. 

Meanwhile, Herro gets ready to start a new season with the new-look Miami Heat. The Floridians had an entertaining offseason, landing big names that made him contenders in the East. The young player will try to help the squad emulate what they did in 2020, hoping to win a championship this time.