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Adam Sandler Didn't Include Michael Jordan And LeBron James On His NBA Mount Rushmore

Adam Sandler Didn't Include Michael Jordan And LeBron James On His NBA Mount Rushmore

Adam Sandler is a big fan of the NBA, and the Hollywood star has been an avid follower of the league for decades at this point. Sandler has also combined his passion for sports with his career, by starring in various sports films with the latest one being 'Hustle' which was recently released on Netflix. 

The premiere of the film was held in Los Angeles where Sandler was present with LeBron James whose company Springhill co-produced it. While the King and Sandler enjoy a good working relationship, the actor/comedian still doesn't have him on his Mount Rushmore. As a matter of fact, he doesn't have Michael Jordan on it either, as he revealed his Mount Rushmore on "The Big Podcast" with Shaquille O'Neal.

(from the 9:35 mark:)

"Alright Shaq... you know I love Shaq. Dr. J meant a lot to me. Iverson is one cool b*****d... we gotta get Kobe, the Kobe-Shaq team going again." 

"We got four but if I need a fifth I'm gonna go with Bob McAdoo."

That is an impressive Mount Rushmore right there. Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and Julius Erving were all crowned league MVP at one point during their careers and so was Bob McAdoo, which some might not know about. Still, their resumes pale in comparison to LeBron and Jordan who probably should be in there but it is Sandler's preference and you have to respect that. 

Sandler is also closely following the NBA playoffs and he commented recently that the Celtics are f**king tough. Considering his ties to the New York Knicks we are sure that Sandler is hoping that the Golden State Warriors can build on their impressive Game 2 win and go on to win the series. As for his beloved Knicks, the future doesn't seem all that bright after a disappointing 2021-22 season but there's always hope for an unlikely turnaround,