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Adrian Wojnarowski Says Ben Simmons Intends To Never Play For The Philadelphia 76ers Again

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The Philadelphia 76ers have not yet traded Ben Simmons away to another franchise, and it looks as though the clock is ticking for the team. Training camp will be coming up really soon, and it seems as though there's no hope of Ben Simmons putting on a 76ers uniform once again.

Adrian Wojnarowski has recently stated that Ben Simmons intends to never play for the Philadelphia 76ers again while also stating that Simmons is also willing to get fined if he isn't traded, as he remains steadfast in his desire to be moved. This situation is reminiscent of other times where star players sat out games in order to get moved, and perhaps a Ben Simmons trade will be coming sooner rather than later.

In the article accompanying his Tweets, Adrian Wojnarowski also relayed that Ben Simmons has become "increasingly frustrated with his partnership" with the 76ers even prior to his bad series against the Atlanta Hawks. 

In a looming standoff that could have lasting implications for the NBA, Philadelphia 76ers All-Star forward Ben Simmons will not report for the opening of training camp next week and intends to never play another game for the franchise, sources told ESPN.

Simmons, 25, wants a trade out of Philadelphia and told management that he has no plans to wear an NBA uniform again until he's moved to a new team, sources said.

Simmons' poor performance in a Eastern Conference semifinals loss to the Atlanta Hawks played a role in this drama playing out, but Simmons has become increasingly frustrated with his partnership with the Sixers over time, sources said.

There's no question that at some point, it may be better to move a disgruntled player like Ben Simmons in order to avoid any chemistry problems going into next season. While the 76ers may not get the exact return they want, it is likely that Ben Simmons could still fetch solid players who can contribute immediately in a trade.

It remains to be seen what the Philadelphia 76ers will end up doing with Ben Simmons, but it looks as though Simmons will be leaving Philadelphia at some point. Perhaps both sides would be better off by ending their partnership, and we'll see where Ben Simmons ends up getting traded to.