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Al Harrington Says Kwame Brown Wasn't A Bust: "Michael Jordan Want To Win Right Now Right, He Don’t Want To Develop A High School Kid Right."

Kwame Brown

For decades, people have talked about Kwame Brown as one of the biggest busts in NBA history.

The Washington Wizards took Brown straight out of high school with the first overall pick, and even though he had all the physical tools to become a dominant big man, his game never took off.

But more than that, the stories around Brown's situation are just tough. He was challenged both physically and mentally by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and some believe that they just shattered his confidence.

Former NBA player Al Harrington might as well agree with that theory. During a recent interview, he talked about how the Wizards' veterans didn't want to help out and develop a high school kid:

“He went to a veteran team where I guess they really did not want him there. Michael Jordan want to win right now right, he don’t want to develop a high school kid right. So what I hear is it was just like he didn’t get a lot of support you know what I’m saying from the vets, and you know that’s a big thing man," Harrington said on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay.

Brown never did anything to make people think that he could become a good NBA player or even a solid rotation player by any means. 

But, in all fairness, it's tough for a high school kid to all of a sudden play against NBA players and be completely on his own.

Eventually, Brown grew sick and tired of the memes, jokes, and insults; so he made sure to give everybody on Earth a piece of his mind.

While never a good NBA player, Brown still overcame those tough years and made more money than most of us will ever do, so you can say he won in life.