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Alex Caruso Skipped His Sister’s Wedding To Compete In The Bubble While Lou Williams Was Caught At A Strip Club



With the NBA restart officially underway in Orlando, it will be interesting to see how far each team gets in the race for the title.

With so many new and unique factors playing into how this will all unfold, it's really anyone's guess as to how it will end.

At the very least, it's fair to say that teams with the most drive and resolve will be the ones to make it to the Finals.

And, in a half-joking manner, one Twitter user noted an interesting comparison between Lakers guard Alex Caruso and Clippers star Lou Williams.

It has been reported that Caruso literally skipped out on his sister's wedding so that he can stay and compete in the bubble. And while Lou originally left for a family tragedy, he was spotted at a Strip Club later, where he said he was just going to "pick up food."

To Williams' credit, a family emergency definitely trumps a wedding in terms of importance but the point remains the same: players need to take the rules of the bubble seriously.

Breaking quarantine rules for food, or fun, or women, is a detriment to the team and their chances of winning. Caruso seems to have the right idea about it.