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Andre Drummond Says There Was Never Any Beef Between Him And Joel Embiid


It was a pretty cool moment when we found out Andre Drummond would be joining the Philadelphia 76ers. Mostly, we all just wanted to see how Drummond and Joel Embiid would get along.

For years leading up to his arrival in Philly, Drummond had a pretty well-known beef with Jo. In the past, the two have traded several "blows," both on and off the court.

Surprisingly, they embraced warmly during their first encounter as teammates, and it went viral on Twitter that day.

Of course, Drummond has since taken things a step further and is now claiming there was never any beef between the two at all, merely the exchange of two intense competitors.

"I think for me, there never was any real beef. It's the game of basketball, we're both competitors in the way we play."

So, according to Andre, there was never any problem between him and his new teammate. It was always just about the game and never personal.

Whether you buy that story or not, it's a good sign for the Sixers.

With so many questions regarding their future and who may or may not be on the roster by training camp, they could use some solidarity right now.

Last season, Drummond averaged 14.9 points, 12 rebounds, and 1 block per game on 53% shooting.