Andre Iguodala Tells Story Of DeMarcus Cousins Being Shocked At Stephen Curry's Non-Diva Superstar Nature: "You Don't Want Any Special Treatment?"

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Stephen Curry

(via The Ringer)

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the NBA. Everyone knows that he is the best shooter in the league and that he is one of the deadliest players on the court. However, what is underrated about him is the fact that even as a superstar, he is somebody that doesn't require preferential treatment.

Andre Iguodala has recently gone on The Old Man and the Three podcast and shared some stories from his time with the Golden State Warriors. One of the stories features DeMarcus Cousins being shocked at the fact that Stephen Curry doesn't demand preferential treatment as a superstar. (23:43)

I don't know too many things that bother him... On the court he carries himself like a superstar. Every superstar or those generational talents, they have quirks about them. Like I need six red Skittles in my locker before every game or I need like four pair of shoes in front of my locker to choose from, all brand new, half laced. Like you know, little, weird stuff.

Demarcus Cousins, when he was with us, one random day he was like "Yo are you real?" to Steph. He (Curry) was like "What are you talking about?". He (Cousins) was like "Bro you're the best player in the league, bro you don't get mad about nothing? You don't ask for nothing? You don't want any special treatment?" Like he don't ask for anything. He (Curry) was like "Nah, I'm one of the guys". He (Curry) was confused. Whatever the day calls for. If we playing pickup, we playing pickup. If we doing drills, we doing drills. Just Normal. DeMarcus was like "Bro, you're an incredible person."

Throughout his time in the NBA, Stephen Curry has been widely viewed as an unselfish superstar, and it was evidenced by when he was willing to sacrifice his offensive touches in order to accommodate Kevin Durant and create a dynasty. It is clear that Stephen Curry is one of the best superstars in terms of ability, but also in terms of mentality.