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Anthony Davis On Devin Booker's Play Against Dennis Schroder: "That's A Dirty Play."

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Devin Booker is the main star for the Phoenix Suns, but even that couldn't save him from getting ejected from Thursday night's Game 3 matchup against the Lakers.

In the final minutes of the game, Book gets caught pushing Dennis Schroder in the air, prompting an ejection from the game.

The game was already decided at that point, and it was a clear sign of frustration by Book. Still, he heard it from several people after the game, including Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

“Can’t happen… that’s a dirty play.”

It's obviously never a good idea to shove somebody as they're landing. Not only is it super dangerous, but it also isn't a good look for the defender, as they end up looking like a dirty player in the end.

In this case, Book is lucky that Schroder got up so easily and without any lasting effects -- otherwise he could have seen stricter punishments that might have impacted Game 4 and 5.

In what has been a hard-fought, back-and-forth series, tempers are clearly flying high and both sides are feeling the intensity that the playoffs can bring.

In the end, though, it will be up to Booker to prove he can keep his composure and perform at a high level when his team needs him most.