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Anthony Davis On LeBron James' Domination: "He's Aging Backwards, And It Is Because He Takes Care Of His Body... He Sleeps More Than Anybody I Know."

Anthony Davis Credits LeBron James For Teaching Him How To Take Care Of His Body

There is no doubt that LeBron James and Anthony Davis have meshed so well this season and they going to their first NBA Finals together, during their first year as teammates is the best sample of that. LeBron has demonstrated he is the most durable superstar in NBA history and the fact that he's 35, playing his 17th season in the league at the maximum level should not leave any room for doubt on this matter.

He has known how to take care of his body so he can still be great at this age when most players are slowing down their game. James is trying to share that wisdom with his partner in crime, Anthony Davis, and the young player can't be happier about it. During media day ahead of the NBA Finals, AD revealed LeBron has helped him a lot to have better habits to take care of his health.

“His attention to detail is off the charts. To every series, every game. He’s locked in as soon as he steps into the arena. Taking care of his body. He sleeps more than anybody I know,” Davis said.

“It seems like he’s aging backwards. It’s because he’s taking care of his body. He’s always on me about things… He’s always giving me hints on how to be a better player and help my body.”

If Davis learns one or two things about Bron's tactics to take care of his body, he will have a long and prosperous career. He's learning from the best in that aspect and all the things LeBron is showing him this season will help him in the future. These two players have done incredible things together and it doesn't seem like that will stop anytime soon.