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Anthony Davis Suffers Ankle Injury In Fourth Quarter Of Game 4

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

The L.A. Lakers are on the verge of making their first Finals appearance in ten years. Following their Game 4 victory, feelings of excitement and optimism are certainly running high.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come without some grim news.

After a made jump-shot late in the game against Denver, Anthony Davis went down with what appeared to be an ankle injury. He was writhing on the floor for a few seconds before eventually walking it off and returning to action.

Davis appears okay from what we've seen so far, so why is this important?

Well, Davis' long and extensive injury history has been the root of many concerns for the Lakers this season. Because of how important he is to the team, they'll need him to be consistently healthy if they want a chance to win.

While L.A. might be up 3-1, they could still lose this series (or in the next round) if Davis is thrown off his game by a troublesome ankle.

Only time will reveal how things play out in the end, but the Lakers are in a good position to bring home another title this season. They just have to hope that things keep going their way for a little while longer.