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Anthony Edwards Broke The Rim With A Devastating Dunk In Practice

Anthony Edwards Broke The Rim With A Devastating Dunk In Practice

Anthony Edwards is a player that has put the entire league on notice. The Minnesota Timberwolves young star is on the verge of breaking out and becoming a true superstar in the NBA. With the acquisition of Rudy Gobert, he has the team around him to make waves at the business end of the season as well. The Wolves are seemingly ready to compete

And if some fans across the league feel like he hasn't provided enough evidence that he can be a monster, Edwards recently posted a reel to almost prove them wrong. Ant has serious hops, and he's practicing some stellar dunks this offseason. He posted a video of a couple of his dunks, and they seem to have broken the rim. 

Fans were in awe of the dunks. Edwards very much looks ready to take the league by storm. The comment section was filled with fans hyping up the Wolves star. 

"New Michael Jordan."

"Bruh a 2-Way Finisher."

"I really like this guy."

"That hurt my ears bruh."

"Michael Jordan’s son."

"Ant is a beast bruh."

"This cat is built different."

"That rim gone remember those slams."

"All Star next season."

"Big year this year gang 💯 all nba year."

"OMG amazing dunk."

Edwards averaged over 21 points last season and had some epic highlights throughout, and it looks like he's only ready to serve up some more. His game is matched by his personality, too. It's quite difficult to not root for the young star. 

Entering his 3rd season in the league, he will be hoping to make the same leap Ja Morant did for the Grizzlies last season. To do so, his numbers will need to go up, and the Wolves will need to win a lot more games than they did. After seeing the things he's doing in practice, though, there are not many that would bet against him.