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Back In 2013, LeBron James Named Michael Jordan, Dr. J, And Larry Bird As The 3 Greatest NBA Players Of All Time

(via NBC News)

(via NBC News)

For ages, fans and analysts have engaged in the never-ending GOAT debate, citing one players' accolades or averages over the other to defend their case.

And, even though most people can't seem to reach an agreement on who the greatest player of all time is, most would at least include the same players when they do their rankings, regardless of the order.

LeBron James wasn't the exception to that rule, and even though it was a difficult task for him, he named his 3 greatest players of all time back in 2013:

“Best three players of all-time? Michael Jordan. Wow. Michael Jordan. Wow, this is tough,” James told Bill Reiter of FOX Sports. “Michael Jordan, Dr. J, Larry Bird.”

Certainly, a lot of things have happened since a younger LeBron James made that statement eight years ago, including him winning a couple of rings. 

James once said that he considered himself as the greatest player of all time after beating the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, so it's likely that the rest of his league has also changed.

Perhaps The King will now include the late Kobe Bryant, who also grew to become his friend later in his career. Maybe, just maybe, he'd also like to include his nemesis Stephen Curry, who beat him 3 times in the NBA Finals.

Whatever the case, James is right: putting together a top-3 of NBA players is one of the toughest tasks you could ask, and chances are that the list is going to change multiple times throughout your life.

That's why instead of comparing and competing, we should just appreciate greatness while we witness it. It doesn't matter who's the best player of all time, what matters is that we were lucky enough to watch them play and dominate the league for years.