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Beautiful Journalist Tori Mason Took Pic With Nikola Jokic: Fans In Awe Of Her Beauty

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Over the offseason, a lot of players play pickup games to keep up with their conditioning. However, basketball isn't the only way to stay in shape, and there are athletes who do other activities such as boxing to stay sharp until the next season. 

That seems to be the case for Nikola Jokic, who appears to have gone swimming recently. Journalist Tori Mason has posted a picture of herself with the reigning MVP at the pool, stating that both had the same idea to go swimming on a weekday evening, when not many people are around. It makes sense that most people would prefer to swim on the weekends on their days off.

NBA fans reacted to the picture of the MVP and the journalist, and many were dazzled by Tori Mason's beauty. A lot of people commented on her smile, and she certainly drew general admiration from the fans.

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While a lot of people took note of Tori Mason's looks, some people also noted how Nikola Jokic was looking cut and ready for next season. Generally, NBA players are all incredibly conditioned when compared to regular people, but Nikola Jokic has definitely gotten in better shape throughout his time in Denver. 

Conditioning plays an important role in basketball overall, and it is going to be interesting to see how Jokic's continued dedication to conditioning pays off next season. The Denver Nuggets will be in a tough position, and hopefully, Jokic will be able to keep them afloat. 

The team will be without point guard Jamal Murray for quite some time, and hopefully, they are able to keep up a solid level of play until he gets back. It wouldn't be wise to doubt the reigning MVP though, and it will certainly be entertaining to see if Nikola Jokic can bring the Denver Nuggets to a high seed once again.