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Ben Simmons Has Officially Returned To The City Of Philadelphia, Says Adrian Wojnarowski

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Ben Simmons

There is no doubt that many thought Ben Simmons would never return to the city of Philadelphia again. Given the fact that he's been featured in trade rumors all summer and his poor relationship with the 76ers fans after the series against the Atlanta Hawks, the majority of fans thought that he'd end up getting traded some time ago. However, that has not been the case.

It seems as though Ben Simmons has returned to the city of Philadelphia, despite his reluctance to play for the 76ers. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the 76ers want him to start playing once he passes the NBA COVID-19 protocols, but adds that it "remains to be seen" whether that will actually happen. Of course, Ben Simmons has been getting fined for the games he has missed for the 76ers thus far, but it remains to be seen what the situation will be like now that he's in Philadelphia.

It's clear that the Ben Simmons trade packages from other franchises haven't enticed the Philadelphia 76ers, and now, the former No. 1 pick will return to the franchise. If he wants a move, it makes sense for Simmons to try and play well to up his trade value, even if he's done with the franchise. The 76ers didn't budge when agent Rich Paul tried to help them get a 5-player return back for Ben Simmons, so it's safe to say they've always wanted him to suit up, even before this report.

Ben Simmons may never become that superstar that many wished for him to be. But right now, he's a good player that has had a bad playoff. It is quite possible that if he were to go elsewhere, he'd be able to thrive. We've often seen players do better when switching franchises. But to get there, Ben Simmons may have to actually play for Philadelphia, contrary to his desires. We'll see if that ends up happening.