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NBA Rumors: Rich Paul Tried To Help The 76ers Get 5 Players Back For Ben Simmons, But Their Demands Were Too High

Ben Simmons

The Ben Simmons saga has been quite a whirlwind for all parties involved. Ben Simmons hasn't shown up to camp thus far, and it is likely that he won't put on a Sixers uniform again. That has hurt his trade value, which makes his exit from Philadelphia more difficult. On the other hand, the 76ers have been getting offers for Ben Simmons, but they have held firm on their demands thus far, even asking for extravagant trade packages.

A recent report by Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer revealed that Ben Simmons' agent, Rich Paul, tried to help the 76ers by getting them a "5 player return" via a three-team trade. However, that trade fell through, as the Philadelphia 76ers demanded too much. Harrison Grimm of Liberty Ballers relayed Pompey's words.

While a 5 player return sounds like a lot, just because the 76ers would have gotten 5 players, doesn't mean that those players could have helped them improve the team around Joel Embiid. The 76ers goal is to get a solid co-star for Ben Simmons, as they already have good depth around him. At the same time though, having 5 players that would actually be willing to play for the team would be more useful than one All-Star who has decided to sit out indefinitely. This definitely seems like it was a tricky situation to navigate.

It remains to be seen where Ben Simmons ends up playing next season. There are definitely a good number of teams that have made offers. While Ben Simmons wants to play for one of the Clippers, the Lakers, or the Warriors, it is quite possible that he'll be traded to a destination that isn't one of his favored ones. Hopefully, the Philadelphia 76ers and Rich Paul can work out a trade soon, and it seems as though it'd be for the best.