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Ben Simmons Is 'Going Through The Process' Of Rejoining Sixers After Meeting With Doc Rivers And Daryl Morey

Ben Simmons Is 'Going Through The Process' Is Rejoining Sixers After Meeting With Doc Rivers And Daryl Morey

The epic duel that has been going on all summer might finally be coming to a close -- at least, for now.

Since last season's second-round elimination, Ben Simmons basically quit on the 76ers, ghosting them after apparently informing the franchise of his desire for a trade.

At first, it looked like Simmons might hold out until the start of the season, or even longer -- as it had been stressed that he had no intention of suiting up for the organization again

But shortly Simmons was denied his paycheck, things quickly turned around, and now, after a summer of dramatics, the guy is apparently gearing up to return to the team.

According to what sources told John Clark, Ben has started the process of making a return to the team after meeting with Rivers and GM Daryl Morey.

Source says Ben Simmons met with Doc Rivers and Daryl Morey today I’m told Ben is going through the process to rejoin the Sixers, including taking a physical

Simmons returning to the team isn't all that shocking, especially considering the money he could lose if he doesn't, but still a pretty crazy situation.

To come back now, after all the chaos he caused in the summer, isn't ideal for anyone involved. No doubt, Simmons lost the respect of his teammates and of the fans, too, who will no doubt greet him with heavy boos at the start of the season.

Nevertheless, if the young socialite wants out, playing for his ticket might be the only path forward. And if he can bring up his trade value by putting on a monster performance, it could finally bring him the conclusion he seeks.

Only time will tell what happens over these next few weeks and months, but the NBA community will be paying close attention as it continues to unfold.