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"Ben Simmons Saw What Tatum Did To KD In Game 3 And Asked For A Doctor’s Note", NBA Fan Roasts Ben Simmons

"Ben Simmons Saw What Tatum Did To KD In Game 3 And Asked For A Doctor’s Note", NBA Fan Roasts Ben Simmons

Things just keep getting worse for Ben Simmons with every passing hour since news dropped that he won't be available for the Nets in a crucial Game 4 after being expected to play. He's been roasted by several people, Shaq called his being out a 'punk move', he got trolled by Bill Simmons, and now fans are getting in on the action on social media as well. 

The latest joke has also seen his teammate Kevin Durant catch a few strays. Durant is currently going through one of the worst series of his playoff career individually, shooting abysmally from the floor and barely averaging 22 points. A lot of this is thanks to the incredible defense the Celtics are playing, especially Jayson Tatum who's earned a lot of praise for his performances in this regard. 

And an NBA fan on Twitter jokingly pointed out, that the defense Tatum is playing on KD is what prompted Ben Simmons to not be available for Game 4, saying that it made the former All-Star want to get a doctor's note.

"Ben Simmons saw what Tatum did to KD in game 3 and asked for a doctor’s note, that’s insane."

Roasting Simmons is NBA Twitter's favorite thing to do right now, so the joke went viral and several other fans chimed in too, either agreeing or piling on.

"Ben Simmons definitely got scared and said, 'I’m not letting Jayson Tatum destroy me like he did KD.'"

"Glad I ain't the only one that see it."

"Lol this is so true, it has me dying."

"He must be ready for life after basketball…"

"Basically exactly how it went down."

"I’d think Ben would relish an opportunity not to shoot."

"Been saying he not gonna play lol."

"I really believe this."

"NBA Twitter funny as hell."

"Smart move on his part. He saw the humiliation coming."

"JT been doing that to Ben since they got in the league."

"This gotta be the Tweet of the Season."

"Tatum been cooking him whole series..."

"Like why did he mention coming back?!?? Why’d he even bring it up?!!"

"Business wise, that’s a smart decision lol."

"He’s acting like me when I had a test the next day."

"They put KD thru hell so I don’t blame Ben."

"Dodging the Tatum jail was a smart business decision by Ben."

While this is all in good humor, it does point to one fact that is getting overlooked in all this. As people discuss the Nets' failures, it's also important to recognize how truly elite the Celtics have been. While the Nets and Simmons will likely have to face more trolling down the line, Boston fans have every right to get excited for what could be quite a special postseason run.