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Bill Simmons Reveals The Knicks Were LeBron's First Choice In 2010 Free Agency

(via Grand Forks Herald)

(via Grand Forks Herald)

LeBron's decision to join the Miami Heat in the summer of 2010 is probably the biggest move of his career. It was there where he learned how to win and finally cemented his legacy as an All-Time great player.

And while it might seem like it was a two-horse race for his services that summer, basketball analyst Bill Simmons recently revealed that the Knicks were actually Bron's first choice that summer.

The Knicks roster that summer was... less than stellar. Besides Tracy McGrady (who was past his prime), Nate Robinson, and Wilson Chandler, they had little in the way of depth. Of course, they also could have freed up cap space to sign Wade and Bosh as well -- but it seems the team was unable to do what was necessary to pull it off.

Since then, the Knickerbockers have hardly been relevant, failing to land big names or win much of anything.

They just can't seem to get it right.