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Blake Griffin On COVID-19 Outbreak For Nets: "It’s Almost Like You Get Pulled Out Of Class..."

Blake Griffin On COVID-19 Outbreak For Nets: "It’s Almost Like You Get Pulled Out Of Class..."

The NBA's initial COVID-19 response was widely praised by experts and fans around the world. For a while, the league suffered great financial loss as they pushed to continue the season in the safety of the bubble.

The bubble is over now, and the league is back to playing a normal schedule.

Unfortunately, COVID is seeing a sharp increase in cases and many players are missing time due to positive tests.

The Brooklyn Nets, in particular, are missing several guys as a result of the virus, and big man Blake Griffin described his experience with the whole situation.

“It’s almost like you get pulled out of class and everybody’s kinda like ‘ooooh,’ ” Griffin said, via Dave Early of ClutchPoints. “It’s just crazy man I don’t know how to like really describe it. I feel like you just walk n the locker room you just kinda look at everybody you just laugh.”

The Nets have it the worst so far, so it's interesting to hear what things are like for them behind the scenes.

The recent outbreak is being felt around the league though, and frustrations are running high.

"We all got to protect each other," said Embiid. "Whether it's wearing masks, making sure whatever you do outside of basketball, that you think about your teammates, their family or your own family. It does suck. But from the beginning, you know, even when it hit us I was mad because I thought last year there was great precautions in place and this year it was just all over the place and I just thought it was unprofessional and that's where we are now."

The idea of another shutdown has been proposed already, and it could gain more traction if cases continue at the current rate.

For now, though, the league will continue to monitor the situation and shut down anyone who has been exposed to the virus.

It's a weird time for everyone right now.