Bobby Portis: "I Ain't Gonna Lie, I Like Milwaukee. Milwaukee Cool Though, It's Better Than People Think It Is."

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Credit: Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press

Bobby Portis had a terrific season with the Milwaukee Bucks, winning the NBA championship while having remarkable performances on the way to the title. 

Just when people doubted he could impact the Bucks, Portis stood up and showed he had what it takes to be a valuable piece on a championship team. He owes a lot to the Bucks, as Portis is very grateful with the opportunity the team gave him. 

After playing in big markets like Chicago and New York, he arrived in Milwaukee, a city with a different dynamic. Well, that didn't mean much trouble for the player. He's gotten used to that and recently showed some love to the city, saying it's better than most people realize. 

On a recent edition of Duncan Robinson's podcast, Portis revealed (via Redditor Jaruliday): 

Duncan Robinson: See, cause I was curious if you guys would make a move to like Chicago, or maybe get on a flight to New York-- or you know do something. With all due respect to Milwaukee, if you're going to celebrate, there's probably a better place to celebrate. At the same time, at least you're celebrating in the market that you actually won it. So you're getting all sorts of love. I see both sides.

Bobby: Yea, yea. It's fun though. I ain't gone lie, I like Milwaukee. Milwaukee cool though, it's better than people think it is. You know? It's definitely better than people think it is. Obviously, like the big markets have the better food places, and the high-name food places and things like that, but being in Milwaukee is great. It's great people there: sports town, they really love their sports. They love all the guys on the team-- you know, sometimes you might go to a team where they only like the guys with the big names. You know, in Milwaukee, they love all of their guys. You go anywhere, you get love, people cheer for you, they got your back. They're just fanatics, bro, you know. Sometimes there's a difference between "he's a fan" and "he's a fanatic." Theses guys really been fans forever, like generational fans, like passed down through the line fans. Like, "oh yeah, you from Wisconsin? You have to be a Packers/Bucks fan!" There is no other fans in Milwaukee than the Bucks and the Packers, so it's fun man.

This season was full of revelations for Portis. He learned plenty of lessons while helping the Bucks get that NBA title. Even if he doesn't return to the squad next season, his name won't be forgotten in the city. Bobby became a hero, and nobody can change that.