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Brian Windhorst Confirms Lakers Won't Trade Russell Westbrook This Offseason: "They Don’t Like Any Of Their Offers And They’re Going To Try And Make The Best Of It And See What Happens.”

Darvin Ham Has Full Confidence In Russell Westbrook Amidst Trade Rumors: "The Communication Has Been Great Both Ways… I Can Wait To Succeed With Him."

Russell Westbrook was linked with a move away from Los Angeles all summer long, but as things stand right now, the controversial point guard is more likely to stay in Southern California than go to a different city and start from scratch on a different team. 

After the Patrick Beverley trade was announced, everybody started speculating about what it meant for the future of the team. Bev isn't the savior that they wanted in Kyrie Irving, although his defense and energy on the court will be much appreciated by the team. 

Still, many people thought that this trade meant that Westbrook was out of the team, but the reality is extremely different. Darvin Ham has shown his excitement to have both Beverley and Westbrook on the roster and is set to make them work together at some point. 

So, what's next for Russ and the Lakers? Well, they will reportedly run it back and try to get the best out of that situation to see how far they can go this season or how much they can get in return for Westbrook. 

Los Angeles Lakers Won't Trade Russell Westbrook This Summer, Says Brian Windhorst 

During a recent edition of his The Hoop Collective podcast, NBA insider Brian Windhorst stated that many executives have come to the conclusion that the Lakers won't move Westbrook and will run it back with the former MVP on the roster. 

“Based on the executives I’m talking to, they believe that the Lakers have come to the conclusion that they’re not going to trade Westbrook now because they don’t like any of their offers and they’re going to try and make the best of it and see what happens.”

After several months of rumors and speculation, the Lakers have decided to end their search for a trade partner for Westbrook. The Oklahoma City Thunder legend will get a second chance at Arena, hoping to show people that he still got it and that what we saw last season from him was just a fluke.