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Brian Windhorst Says The NBA Follow The Chinese Basketball Association About Coronavirus Response

(via Sports Mockery)

(via Sports Mockery)

Many questions still remain unanswered amid the NBA's mandatory hiatus.

When will the season resume? What steps need to be taken to ensure this season continues? What will things look like when basketball does return?

While it's mostly a waiting game, ESPN's Brian Windhorst believes Adam Silver and the NBA should follow the example set by the Chinese Basketball Association.

Essentially what Windhorst is proposing here sounds like a sort-of self-isolation for NBA players and their teams. The league can pick to neutral cities for each conference to play and then have their players essentially live there until the season concludes.

There are obviously a lot of kinks to that plan that need to be worked out, but it seems to be working for the CBA so far -- why not try it here? As COVID-19 continues its rampage through our country, things will only get worse in the next few weeks and, maybe, months.

Only with caution and common sense can we hope to contain this virus and the NBA is clearly trying to do their fair share.