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Bronny James' National Ranking Takes Enormous Drop Ahead Of Senior Season

LeBron James Says He Was Motivated To Get Triple-Double After Watching His Son Bronny: "He Inspires Me"

In the NBA, the James family is akin to royalty. As LeBron dominates the courts, his wife and kids grab their own headlines and continue to bring honor and glory to the James name.

But as LeBron grows older and closer to retirement, his son, Bronny, is prepping to take the reigns. While it is still far too early to make any kind of judgment on James Jr., the latest scouting report of the young stud isn't great news for him.

In the latest High School prospect ranking, Bronny dropped all the way to 60th after sitting at 30 back in February. It's a pretty big drop for such a significant player.

We don't yet know the reason why Bronny fell so low, but his NBA potential has already been questioned/doubted in the past. One league executive even went so far as to say Bronny wouldn't be a one-and-done player if he wasn't LeBron's son.

There is one aspect of the recent LeBron James/Lakers saga in zero dispute: He continues to openly dream of playing alongside son Bronny in the NBA…

He won’t be eligible for the NBA until the 2024 draft, and, based on my own checking with various teams, Bronny wouldn’t be a draft candidate that quickly — based on where he is as a player today — without the nudge he’s getting from Dad, who will turn 40 during the 2024-25 season. As one Eastern Conference personnel voice tried to gently put it: “I don’t think he’d be a one-and-done player if he wasn’t LeBron’s son.”

We know Bronny is no scrub. He understands the game at a deep level and can score in all the ways that he needs to. But there are questions about how his game will translate into the college and professional world.

Clearly, faith in his abilities are dropping as Bronny gets closer to his draft day. Perhaps that will change in the next year...