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Bronny James Shows Off Ohio State Buckeyes Threads In Viral Instagram Post

Bronny James Shows Off Cool Buckeyes Threads In Viral Instagram Post

At this point, nobody can deny that LeBron James is much closer to the end of his basketball career than the beginning. Unfortunately for Bron haters, the reign of his empire has really just begun.

With two sons already making waves in the basketball world, the James family is set to rule the basketball landscape for years to come.

On Tuesday, that fact was proven true again after James' eldest son, Bronny, posted some photos of himself wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes uniform.

While some are taking it as a commitment announcement, Bronny made it clear in his post that he has not yet decided where he's going to play. It seems, from a glance, that Ohio State is just one of the many schools that are working to recruit James Jr.

So far, the Oregon Ducks have been described as the team currently in the lead to sign Bronny.

Dana Altman has been on quite the roll on the recruiting trail recently. The Ducks picked up a pair of five-star recruits in the last month: Mookie Cook and Kwame Evans. They also landed an early commitment from four-star Jackson Shelstad.

There are many ties between the James family and Oregon. The connections mostly center around Nike. Oregon is the flagship school for the Nike brand. LeBron James and Nike have done business together with SpringHill Company. And LeBron has signed a lifetime contract with Nike as an apparel brand.

There is also a tie between Bronny James and Mookie Cook. The pair were travel teammates with the North Coast Blue Chips team in middle school. Cook also spent his summer playing a young LeBron James in a SpringHill Company-produced movie called Shooting Stars.

Nobody had the Buckeyes pegged as the landing spot for Bronny, but it definitely makes a lot of sense. 

With deep-rooted ties to the city, and the home state of LeBron himself, playing for Ohio would be a fitting role for Bronny.

Still, no matter who he is related to, Bronny has a lot of work left to do if he wants to live up to his family name. As the son of a world-class athlete, the pressure is on for James to start making some waves.

We will see how he handles it all soon enough.