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Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai Reportedly Backs The Stance Of Not Giving Kyrie Irving A Max Contract

Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai Reportedly Backs The Stance Of Not Giving Kyrie Irving A Max Contract

If reports are to be believed, the relationship between the Brooklyn Nets and their star point guard Kyrie Irving is deteriorating rapidly. Contract talks between the two parties have opened a giant can of worms for the franchise, and there is now a legitimate chance that both Kyrie himself and Kevin Durant could be gone before next season even begins. 

A core that was built with a championship in mind is under threat of being dismantled without even making it past the Eastern Conference Semifinals. And while one might think that this might be enough for the Nets to give Irving whatever he wants, the franchise is seemingly set on not caving in after Irving's availability issues have brought down his value in their eyes. 

Sean Marks, who is the General Manager of the Brooklyn Nets, has spoken about wanting players on the roster that are dedicated and committed to the franchise moving forward, something that was perceived as a slight at Kyrie, who even responded to it cryptically. And while some GMs might have to fear what the owners would think about a hardline stance with a star player, recent reports suggest that Joe Tsai is very much in agreement with their current stance. 

"Nets owner Jo Tsai has fully supported the Nets' stance against a Kyrie Irving max deal."

The organization is presenting a united front on this issue as they try to navigate a tricky situation without losing the players that make them contenders. However, if those players are not available to play, it doesn't mean much anyway, which seems to be why the Nets are taking this approach. 

The Lakers and a possible reunion with LeBron James are being floated around as possibilities in terms of Irving's future, but it remains to be seen if a deal like that will happen. Till then, the Nets will have their plans for how they move forward as this continues to be one of the most intriguing stories of the offseason.