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Bryce James Made His First Dunk At Sierra Canyon And Fans Talk About That

Bryce James Made His First Dunk At Sierra Canyon And Fans Talk About That

Bryce Maximus James doesn't get the same attention as his old brother Bronny. Still, the kid is already showing his quality with his highlights. LeBron James' second son just started his freshman year at Sierra Canyon, hoping to make a lot of noise.

While his brother gets ready to continue his journey to the NBA, Bryce is already starting, but that hasn't prevented him from making big plays. Ballislife recently shared a video where Bryce makes his first dunk at Sierra Canyon. 

The player took off and threw down the ball, making it look very easy. After that, teammates and coaches congratulated him, while the player showed his excitement with the play. 

Fans reacted to the video, praising the 14-year-old, with some going further and stating he will be better than his brother. 

LeBron James' genes are remarkable seeing how talented his sons are. While Bronny keeps drawing attention, Bryce is now starting to make noise. If things started this way, the future is very bright for him. 

His father wants to play with Bronny in the league, but it's nearly impossible for him to share touches with Bryce. Still, LeBron must be excited about his kids' potential. If they can make it to the league, it'll be incredible for The King. 

Meanwhile, we're watching Bryce's development, as he gets better every season. The teenager is just getting started and some folks say his ceiling could be higher than Bronny's.