Cade Cunningham Says Playing Against LeBron James Would Be His ‘Welcome To The NBA’ Moment

cade cunningham

The NBA Draft is just a couple of hours away, and even though it's impossible to know who's going where or even if all of the players in attendance will be drafted, there are some obvious calls on who's going to make the league next season.

One of those is Cade Cunningham, the talented guard out of Oklahoma State University who's most likely to be taken first-overall.

Cunningham has been getting a lot of praise since his days in high school and looks poised to become a star in the league, drawing comparisons to Grant Hill, Magic Johnson, and even LeBron James.

That, combined with the fact that he grew up watching The King play and dominate for so long, made him say that playing against him is going to be his 'Welcome to the NBA' moment:

“LeBron James, just because, I mean he got a ‘Space Jam’ movie now, so, I mean, that’s ‘Space Jam’. LeBron has been someone I’ve been watching growing up, a lot of inspiration for me. He’s been to the Finals pretty much every year I can remember. To be on the court with him, that’s gonna be special for sure. But definitely good to be able to see where I’m at," Cunningham said, as quoted by Essentially Sports.

Cunningham won't be the first - and definitely won't be the last - top-notch rookie to be starstruck after going face-to-face with James.

LeBron has been around the league and playing at an elite level for the past 18 seasons, meaning that most of the youngsters that are now making the league grew up watching him and idolizing him.

As for Cunningham, we only expect him a career free of injuries and that he fulfills that untapped potential he's shown during his brief career in high school and college.