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Controversial Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios On GOAT Debate: "LeBron’s Better Than Jordan. Not Even A Debate."

Fadeaway World 

Fadeaway World 

The GOAT debate is such a vast topic in the world of sports that even stars from different disciplines (or politicians like Barack Obama or Donald Trump) have expressed their opinions on who is the greatest NBA player of all time. 

As you may know, Michael Jordan and LeBron James are often pitted against each other in these debates. MJ's fans have plenty of arguments to make a case for the Chicago Bulls legend, while The King's court always mentions his dominance and the fact that he's been to the Finals 10 times. 

It's not a secret that the new generations tend to side with LeBron on this matter, and even professional athletes are diehard LeBron fans. For example, Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios doesn't think Jordan is even close to James or even Kobe Bryant. 

In a recent video shared by ATP's Instagram account, Kyrgios dismissed Jordan, calling Bron and Kobe better than him. 

“LeBron’s better than Jordan. Not even a debate. Kobe’s better than Jordan. Not even a debate.”

Nick Kyrgios is a controversial player, so it's not a shock that he makes this claim. Of course, this is not a hot take knowing how great LeBron has been during his career. Still, talking about MJ that way doesn't seem too fair. 

His Airness is widely considered the GOAT. Maybe until after LeBron retires from the game, the 6x NBA champion will hold that title. This is not the first time we see an athlete from another sport weighing on this debate, though. NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin called Jordan the GOAT back in February. Still, everybody has their opinion on the never-ending debate.