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Carmelo Anthony Makes Nuggets Fans Pay After Booing Him In First Half Of Game 1

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With Carmelo Anthony facing his former team in the Western Conference playoffs, the series was bound to be dramatic and exciting.

After hearing some boos from the fans in the first half, Carmelo did his part to up the intensity, going off for 12 points on 3-3 shooting from three in just the first quarter.

On Twitter, fans were clearly loving the dose of nostalgia.

It's a neck-and-neck game in Denver, but Carmelo's offensive impact has helped keep the Blazers in the game. His production all season long has provided a similar boost.

What's crazy is, just a few years ago, Melo was out of the league and struggling to find a job in the NBA. His unfortunate tenures in OKC and Houston nearly ended his career, and it was only by a last-second call-up from Portland that we're able to see him in action today.

Since joining the Blazers, he has proven to still be an elite-level scorer and shooter and has (no doubt) been a major piece to their success over the past two seasons.

As for what we can expect moving forward, we'll just have to wait and see. Portland is deep and talented, but so is the Western Conference.