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Carmelo Anthony’s 15-Year-Old Kiyan Looks Amazing In 1-On-1 Duels: "That Step Back Hesi Jumper Is Fire"

Carmelo Anthony’s 15-Year-Old Kiyan Looks Amazing In 1-On-1 Duels: "That Step Back Hesi Jumper Is Fire"

Almost every current NBA superstar has a kid following in their footsteps, as they try to become NBA players too and have the same or bigger success than their fathers. The most famous cases are LeBron James and Bronny James, Dwyane Wade and Zaire Wade, but they're not the only ones trying to help their children play in the association a couple of years from now. 

Carmelo Anthony also has a son that is showing interesting stuff recently. Kiyan, a 15-year-old, has learned a lot from his father and plays just like him, especially when he goes one-on-one. In recent hours, NBA Buzz shared a video of Kiyan hooping at Summit New York courts, showing off his offensive skills on camera. 

His jump shot is identical to his father's. They move very similarly on the court, and even the way they handle the ball is very alike. He was giving buckets to another kid, feeling himself and just showing that he is indeed Carmelo Anthony's son. 

Many fans reacted to these duels, showering Kiyan with praise for his talent and the way he has adopted his father's game:

He a pro

That step back hesi jumper is fire

Hey now


Knicks in line waiting to waste his prime years #LikeFatherLikeSon

Playing just like his pops crazy

how tall is he? he looks developed at 15

Got that ISO Genes

Impressive & he hasn’t evn evolved into his hoodie stage yet

He already has the quick release and balance. And light on his feet like pops

He play just like melo

i don’t think he’ll be pro if his game revolves around scoring like his father

He & his dad are undefeated on this court 😂

That hesi move in the second clip tho

He got his pops spin move

Looking nice

It's good to see that Melo has taught him well, but being only a scorer won't assure him a spot in the NBA. Kiyan is still young and, of course, he can develop his game, and if he adds more weapons to his arsenal, this kid could be even better than his pops in the association. That's a long shot right now, but seeing his quality in front of the ring, that's not crazy to think.