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Charles Barkley After Shaq O'Neal Says Good Shooters List Has A Lot Of 'Viches': "Looks Like Your Phonebook"

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Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal are the perfect duo. They can roast each other and other people, making a lot of people laugh at home. 

The former players have made a perfect transition to TV, becoming two of the most entertaining analysts out there. Of course, not everybody agrees with their takes, but this pair is something good to watch. 

In recent hours, as the Inside the NBA crew took a look at players whose last names end in 'Vic', they delivered a couple of jokes that made everybody laugh. A graphic showed how good shooters are when they have this type of last name.

Drazen Petrovic, Peja Stojakovic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Bojan Bogdanovic, Vladimir Radmanovic, Mirza Teletovic, and Nikola Vucevic were all featured on this list, which led Shaq to make a hilarious comment. 

O'Neal: "A lot of 'Viches' on that list."

Barkley: "Well, so... Looks like you're phonebook."

Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaq started laughing after Barkley made this comment. The Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns legend thought very quickly and dropped that bomb. These guys always find a way to bring joy to the public and themselves. 

Jokes aside, we have a lot of big names on that list, especially Petrovic, who was a dangerous sharpshooter during the short time he spent in the league. Some people consider him Stephen Curry before Stephen Curry and his numbers show why was that. 

These players with 'Vic' last names are always reliable. More players with only 'ic', too, including Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic. 

Still, 'Viches' have done their job in the NBA and Shaq and Chuck know that very well.