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Charles Barkley On Scottie Pippen: "When You Go After Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, He Came After Me A Little Bit... You Know It's Going To Get Some Clicks."

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Scottie Pippen's memoir Unguarded has recently been released, and ahead of the release, we hear quite a few comments from Scottie Pippen. A lot of those comments were negative comments that were directed towards Michael Jordan, which drew the ire of many fans.

Some of those comments were also directed at other players. Charles Barkley was one of them, and Scottie Pippen notably claimed that one of the reasons that the 1998-99 Rockets superteam failed was due to Barkley not being as dedicated as he should be.

Charles Barkley has recently commented on Pippen going after big-names in his comments and claimed that Pippen knows that by doing that, he's "going to get some clicks".

You need Dr Phil, you need everybody. I feel bad because it seems like he's just trying to go big-game hunting because he's selling a book. I'm never going to tell another person what to say. We all gotta have our own opinion... When you write a book, in my opinion, it should be your personal thoughts... you let the world know what you think.

When you go after Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, he came after me a little bit, you're just going big-game hunting because you know it's going to get some clicks. I've always liked Scottie, thought he was a very good player.

While Scottie Pippen is certainly entitled to his opinion as Charles Barkley states, others are also entitled to disagree. For example, Scottie Pippen claimed that he was as great a player as Michael Jordan. While Pippen was certainly a good player, there's no doubt that most people would argue against the claim.

It remains to be seen if Scottie Pippen will continue making comments towards other superstars now that the book is out, or whether it is a marketing ploy like Charles Barkley suggests. Scottie Pippen has certainly got the NBA world's attention, albeit in a fairly controversial manner.