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Charles Barkley's Supportive Message To Gay And Transgender People: "I Love You. And If Anybody Gives You Sh*t, Tell Them Charles Said, 'F**k You.'"

Charles Barkley

Sports are often a distraction for most people from the various problems that happen in life that can make them sad. There is a raging debate over whether athletes should use their platform for social and political messaging, but most NBA players use their influence to fight for people that don't have a voice themselves. 

Sports fans are a reflection of society at large, and while a majority might be lovely and harmless, there are always those that are bigoted and prejudiced against certain groups. LeBron James recently called out the racism he has seen in Boston, for example, but Charles Barkley gave a social message that was more general and has now gone viral online. 

“If you are gay or transgender, I love you. And if anybody gives you sh*t, you tell em Charles says ‘f**k you!’”

The LGBTQ+ community has historically faced a lot of oppression, not being allowed to express who they are for generations throughout history. The sports space has also been closed off to them, with many facing discrimination thanks to their gender or sexuality in what is considered to be a generally masculine hobby. 

To hear someone of the stature of Charles Barkley talk about this issue with his trademark passion is a wonderful thing. When the best athletes can come out and support the cause to uplift those that face serious ostracization from society, it shows just how the influence of basketball can be used as a force to do good. 

There is a lot of work to be done in terms of making sure all humans are given the dignity and respect to live equally, but the thing that makes the NBA wonderful is its commitment to fighting to make it happen. Barkley remains an exemplary ambassador for the league and the sport, and this is another soundbite from him that will live long in the memory.