Chase Edmonds Roasts Kyle Kuzma: "Kuzma Really Convinced The World That He Was Better Than Brandon Ingram I'm Done."

chase kuzma

Chase Edmonds is a running back for the Arizona Cardinals. While usually he is known for his exploits on the football field, a lot of athletes often dabble in watching other sports. It seems as though Chase Edmonds is a fan of the NBA, as he was clearly watching the latest Phoenix Suns - Los Angeles Lakers matchup.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Phoenix Suns in a disappointing fashion. While a lot of the spotlight was focused on LeBron James and the only first-round exit of his career so far, Chase Edmonds focused on Kyle Kuzma. In a Tweet, Edmonds joked about how Kyle Kuzma seemingly convinced the world that he was better than Brandon Ingram, who is one-time All-Star, and Kuzma's former teammate.

Edmonds seems to be referring to the Anthony Davis trade, where the Los Angeles Lakers notably sent out young talent such as Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram while keeping Kyle Kuzma on the roster. The Los Angeles Lakers could have certainly used a player of Brandon Ingram's caliber in their series against the Phoenix Suns, as there were few players aside from LeBron James that could create their own offense. While Kyle Kuzma is certainly a solid player who is also an NBA champion, he didn't provide much in their elimination game against the Suns.