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Chicago Bulls Almost Passed Up On Derrick Rose In 2008 Draft Because Of His Brother: "If You Can’t Accept My Brother, Don’t Pick Me.”

Chicago Bulls Almost Passed Up On Derrick Rose In 2008 Draft Because Of His Brother: "If You Can’t Accept My brother, Don’t Pick Me.”

Derrick Rose is one of the biggest 'what-ifs?' in NBA history. The current New York Knicks point guard entered the league with high expectations, ready to take the Chicago Bulls back to the top of the association, which he did to some extent. However, injuries were ruthless with him and prevented Rose from having a better and more successful career.

His tenure with the Bulls couldn't start better, as he took the league by storm with his athleticism and spectacular plays. He became the youngest MVP award winner in Windy City, and that's something nobody could ever forget. 

Great as those years were for the player, there was a chance that the Bulls didn't pick him in the 2008 NBA draft. Rose's family history could have played a major role in the Bulls' selection, but Derrick made sure they understood he was all about his people. 

In the documentary, Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story, Reggie Rose, Derrick's older brother, revealed that past issues could have stopped the Bulls from getting his brother in the draft. Yet, the future MVP stood up for Reggie and told the organization they had to accept him with everything that included. 

“We didn’t really know Chicago was going to pick Derrick until the night before,” Reggie Rose said, via Sports Casting. “And we received a call from Chicago. Chicago told Derrick they really want to pick him, but it’s some background history with his brother, talkin’ about me. He might not be the No. 1 pick because of some mistakes I made in my life, but Derrick told the Chicago Bulls, if you can’t accept my brother, don’t pick me.”

In the end, Rose forced the Bulls' hands and he was the No. 1 pick in the 2008 draft. He would become one of the best players in franchise history during his time there, winning the Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player awards, while leading the team to compete for important things against the Big 3 Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference. 

Some say Rose would have won a title in Chicago if it wasn't for injuries, but we'll never know that. He ended his tenure in Windy City as a legend given all the accomplishments he collected during those years. 

Right now, he plays for the Knicks, but there's no doubt that the people of Chicago have lots of love and respect for Derrick and all the things he did for the franchise. What would have happened if the Bulls didn't pick him? That's something we don't know, and it's better that way.